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November 5, 2021

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sportingbet casino|Free SpinsJuneau’s project teams utilize a dynamic Project Management software called Procore on all our projects. This software is extremely beneficial during each stage of a project’s lifecycle. Using Procore has not modified Juneau’s standards in relation to the quality of work that we turn over to our clients, but instead has enhanced it. What Procore has done is modified the way that the information is organized and streamlined many processes that were once time consuming and tedious. This benefits our clients by having an efficient process that allows for an expedited punch process that can ultimately save time on the project’s schedule.

The inspections performed in Procore are tailored to each project, which are created based on the review of the plans, specs, submittals, and project Sportingbet|Free Spinsclarifications. This ensures that at the end of the project, all project components, like the building envelope, high end finishes, and building systems are completed as intended. All this project information is available at our fingertips with the use of Procore. Each inspection can be completed in real time in the field with the use of iPads and iPhones. For example, when a delivery arrives onsite, the project team can easily navigate to the submittals location to ensure the correct material and quantity for the project is being delivered.

Process Example

The QA/QC and inspection process commence before materials arrive onsite, but once the materials arrive, a “First Look Inspection” is completed with each trade partner. This is to ensure each trade partner follows the specifications for the project at hand, and Sportingbet|Free Spinsnot how a previous project was completed. During the inspection, the project team will review the documents and walk-through details and installation processes to ensure all materials are installed per Juneau’s QA/QC standards. All trade partners are held to an extremely high standard to ensure that the project is either meeting or exceeding quality standards. These day-to-day processes and inspections are all documented and managed in Procore for our clients to see at any time throughout the lifecycle of a project.

Old School Meets New School

Procore streamlines the “old school” process of pen and paper by allowing the project team to punch a unit and immediately send the punch items with a location and photos, descriptions, and a completion deadline to our trade partners through the use of QR Codes/Locations. sportingbet casino review|Free SpinsThe trade partner can then repeat those steps and send pictures to the project team, which alerts the team that the work is complete and ready for review. This is incredibly efficient and allows the team to complete this process without the monotonous and repetitive emails, phone calls, and time-consuming processes.

QR Codes/Locations

QR Codes are a very useful tool within Procore. QR Codes identify a specific area within the project and gives the project team capabilities of tagging pictures, inspection, punch items, observations, and much more. From start to finish, utilizing QR Codes saves time on each project by increasing efficiency. Even after the project is complete, our warranty department will utilize the same data that the project team used during construction to remediate any issues. Ultimately, this saves sportingbet online betting|free betthe project team time with efficient shortcuts and prevents any misinterpretation of data.

Although the use of Procore doesn’t change Juneau’s QA/QC program, it increases the efficiency that ultimately enhances the project experience for our clients and AE partners. This results in zero scheduling delays and work not being completed per plans. We can streamline long and tedious processes, like first look inspections and the punch process, that makes getting to the finish line a more enjoyable experience for all parties.

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Written by:

  • Michael Miles
  • Alex Hale