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October 31, 2023

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At Juneau, we are constantly evaluating our technology lineup, ensuring our project teams have the resources they need to build best-in-class projects. One of the newest additions to our technology stack is cmBuilder. cmBuilder is a cloud-based, construction site logistics platform that allows our project teams to produce 3D site logistics plans with sportingbet online betting|free betreal-time collaboration. This new program allows our project teams to communicate quickly and clearly with all project stakeholders, save time when making decisions, and create detailed site logistics plans.

Enhanced Communication for all Stakeholders

cmBuilder is a web-based platform facilitating sportingbet online betting|free betreal-time collaboration and efficient communication among all stakeholders. This tool accelerates decision-making by conveying constructability, cost, and project progress details to owners, ensuring a comprehensive project overview.

Seamless Transition from VDC to Operations

cmBuilder’s user-friendly, cloud-based nature empowers project teams to independently create, edit, and produce site logistics plans swiftly and accurately. This streamlines the transition from Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) to on-site operations.

Detailed Site Logistics Planning

cmBuilder offers 3D modeling capabilities, enabling project teams to overlay plans on drone images for precise site logistics planning. It features sportingbet casino review|Free Spinsa true-to-size equipment database, aiding in rapid problem-solving and accurate cost estimation. These logistic plans are accessible throughout various project phases, from preconstruction to project completion.

“Incorporating conceptual construction models, real life construction equipment, schedules, and drone models is invaluable in communication, and cmBuilder’s ease of use empowers streamlined 4D scheduling and fosters enhanced collaboration among project teams, clients, and subcontractors.”

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Case Study: How cmBuilder Provided Proactive Conflict Resolution at Hub Knoxville

Hub Knoxville, Juneau’s latest off-campus student housing project housing over 1,700+ beds, utilized cmBuilder early in the preconstruction phase. Sportingbet|Free SpinsThe project site’s topography presented limitations on the placement of a crucial element, the crawler crane. Given the site’s constraints, our team began virtually constructing the logistics in cmBuilder with meticulous 3D modeling where it was evident that relocating power lines would be necessary to accommodate the crane, requiring a redesign and approval from the City. cmBuilder not only pinpointed the problem but also facilitated clear and precise communication with all project stakeholders, presenting both the challenge and the solution. Armed with cmBuilder’s visual aids and data, the approval process was significantly expedited, saving valuable time and money, while ensuring sportingbet online betting|free betthe Hub Knoxville project progressed smoothly with minimal impact.

“cmBuilder has been a great addition to our technological toolbox; the dimensionally accurate logistics plans that it creates greatly improves upon our traditional two-dimensional approach and allow us to identify and solve logistical challenges before they occur in the field.”

-Alex Hale, Project Director


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