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February 24, 2021

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Nowadays, with our clients’ need for accelerated schedules and tight budgetary requirements, having the ability to eliminate rework in the field is imperative at the onset of a project. We understand that time is money and early leasing initiatives for multifamily projects is incredibly important. This is one reason why Juneau offers sportingbet casino|Free SpinsFull Virtual Reality (VR) Models of the project before construction. With the ability to provide a VR model of units, amenity spaces, and corridors, items such as electrical outlet placement and HVAC vent locations can be adjusted prior to the start of construction especially if they are located in less desirable locations. Many times, an undesirable placement of these items aren’t evidently clear until we see them in “real life.”

sportingbet bonus code|Free Spins On a recent multifamily project in Atlanta, the client did not realize that the HVAC vent location wasn’t in a suitable spot until it was shown in the VR model. If this would have been determined after installation, there would have been a substantial adjustment to the schedule and budget to account for this change. 

Furthermore, VR models can also aid in determining any constructability issues, such as clash detection within the structure. These problems are often one of the largest scheduling setbacks if not determined prior to construction.

Case Study: On a recent multifamily project in Atlanta, it was determined via the VR model that there was a clash detection problem within the amenity area. The HVAC and plumbing systems were running too closely together and not allowing for the Owner’s desired ceiling height in the amenity area. This was presented to the Owner, along with compatible solutions, and adjustments were made to the structure, all while preserving the architectural intent of the design and avoiding potential field issues. 

VR models are an efficient method to ensure you, as the Owner, get the exact product you are envisioning, down to every last detail. Minute details like wall trim, cabinet finishes, and door hardware come to life with the VR models and can easily sportingbet bonus code|Free Spinsbe adjusted before construction begins. Check out the video below to see a recent VR model we did for a current multifamily client.

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Written by:

  • Scott Waelde
  • Wilson Haworth