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Mixed-Sportingbet|Free Spins

The sportingbet online betting|free betMixed-Use product type is unique in that it brings a nontraditional approach to construction, Sportingbet|Free Spinstying in office, residential, retail, hospitality, and parking. Because of this, it is important that you hire a CM/GC that has extensive experience building these types of projects and more importantly the ability to blend these different building types into one cohesive development.

At Juneau, our sportingbet online betting|free betMixed-Use experience includes office, senior living, multi-family, retail and transit-oriented developments. Mixed-use projects are exciting sportingbet bonus code|Free Spinsand fun to build but take a unique approach in that we are often working to satisfy the needs of more than one Owner/Client. This is where Juneau’s expertise in mixed-use construction comes to life. Getting on-board early on these types of projects is extremely important in understanding all project stakeholders desired outcomes in order to ensure the ultimate success of the project.

1.1 million SF Juneau’s largest sportingbet online betting|free betMixed-Use project
First sportingbet online betting|free betMixed-Use Project Located in Coconut Grove

Additional Experience

  • Georgia Heights
  • CocoWalk sportingbet online betting|free betMixed-Use Office Development
  • Evolve
  • sportingbet online betting|free betThe Hue
  • Lumen
  • Avondale Transit-Oriented Development
  • Hub Atlanta
  • The Bishop
  • 320 West Mag