Juneau celebrates 25 years in business!

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General contractors do not survive without a deep and talented team of top shelf trade partners.

Today’s industry, mired with a declining labor market, accentuates the importance of relationships. During the past 27 years, Juneau has been successful Sportingbet|Free Spinsby aligning ourselves with companies who share our visions of being the best, while knowing they will be treated as “true partners.” 

In the next 27 years, success will depend on combining the cultivation of existing relationships with growing new ones. We would like to welcome those who have not worked with Juneau to be part of our extended family.

In order to receive the link for the prequalification form and to be considered for a subcontract, all potential trade partners must complete the below questionnaire with the sportingbet bonus code|Free Spinsprequalification contact information.

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Prequalification FAQs

How do I access the prequalification form?

First, confirm from your preconstruction contact that you have been invited to prequalify. If you do not already have a Procore account, make sure you log into Procore with the same email address as the one that received the invitation. If the sportingbet bonus code|Free Spinsinvitation needs to be sent to a different person in your company, please inform your preconstruction contact so the invitation can be sent to that person.

How do I check my prequalification status?

To check your prequalification status, first check to see if you have submitted a questionnaire through Procore. All required fields must be entered, and all required documents must be attached for Juneau to access any of the information on the questionnaire. If you have already submitted your questionnaire, please Sportingbet|Free Spinsbe on the look out for a follow up email requesting additional information missing from your submission.

I filled out a prequalification form last year. Why is it being requested again?

Juneau requires all trade partners and vendors to renew their prequalification information on a yearly basis. Please update the prequalification form with the most current information available.