Juneau celebrates 25 years in business!

Diversity & sportingbet casino|Free Spins

sportingbet bonus code|Free SpinsOur mission is to foster an inclusive environment that celebrates the diverse voices of our employees and the communities that we serve.

Inclusive Culture & Workforce

At Juneau, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to create an environment where all members of our family feel valued and respected. We believe in continually growing in our understanding and support of all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences, while celebrating the strength that a diverse workforce brings. Our pledge to promote a more inclusive and diverse workforce begins by looking inward at our hiring practices, policies, and company culture. Through open and honest conversation, furthering education, and partnering with leading organizations that share our vision, we will hold true to our promise to sportingbet casino|Free Spinsalways put people and family first.

We are passionate about cultivating an environment where employees can show up to work each day as their most authentic selves. By maintaining a zero-tolerance policy for any and all forms of discrimination and hate, we aim to ensure that everyone who walks through the doors at Juneau feels safe both physically and emotionally at all times. We are working each day to provide opportunities for professional development during all stages of employment, in hopes that we will soon be able to proudly showcase more equal representation at all levels within Juneau’s walls.

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Recruiting Diverse Talent

At Juneau, we recognize diverse talent with differing sportingbet bonus code|Free Spinsbackgrounds and experiences brings to light new viewpoints and perspectives which creates more opportunity for growth and innovation. It is our goal to continuously strive to attract, develop and retain talent reflecting the full diversity of the communities of which we serve. To accomplish this goal, we partner with Historically Black Colleges and Universities, Hispanic Serving Institutions, and trade schools across the southeast. We place special attention on serving students from differing backgrounds through our internship and co-op programs and know that one size does not fit all. Recruiting diverse talent is one of the first steps to ensure Juneau continues to support all cultures, backgrounds, and experiences.

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Trade Partner & Supplier Diversity

Sportingbet|Free SpinsAt Juneau, we embrace change and strive to build new ways of thinking. Progress demands challenging the status quo, including stagnant beliefs in our own industry regarding gender, race, ethnicity, and social status. Everyone deserves an equal chance at opportunity.  As a woman-owned business, we endeavor to engage as many qualified minority, disadvantaged, and women-owned, trade partners as possible. We work collaboratively with our clients to find opportunities for MWDBE firms whose values, purpose, and diversity and inclusion efforts align with Juneau’s to reach the fullest measure of success on our projects and in their surrounding communities.

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Community Outreach

Juneau’s vision is to be a vital part of the communities we serve. sportingbet casino|Free SpinsWe do this through local initiatives that match the needs of the communities where we work with the skills and passions of our employees. Our “local” area extends beyond our regional offices to our jobsites, where our teams are often called on to share their talents with the community. Beyond building buildings, Juneau partners with non-profit organizations to offer our expertise in organizational leadership, project planning, community outreach, softskills training, and other professional areas through community career fairs, career days and so much more. Our goal is to ultimately leave the communities in which we build better than when we showed up.

Life at Juneau

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